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…I forgot what I was doing, so I think I’ll just go watch some American Horror Story.  (Asylum, which I like loads better than Murder House.)


Two families I shared on the gallery, the Newmans and the Smiths.

You can find them and my other uploads by searching my ID, faucket.

For the male Newman you’ll need the body hair mod v2 by lumialoversims, you can still download him without that mod though.


Jarlkona Fríðr Peace-Bringer.



Before and After
I was very hooked appearance of this girl
I hope the author will like what I did
With admiration for strawberriesims 
by Soup

Omg I was away on holidays for 2 weeks and didn’t see this till now!!!!!!Thank you sooo much Soup =)


*Test shots*

Businessman? This is an another edit version of Cavallo hair. Thank you for Likes, Reblogs, Comments and Follow. :)

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[MF SIMS] TS4 Retextures (ND) - Part 2

Download: Dresses - Skirts - Tops

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And water.


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A little piece of Lashrael 

She was a princess before becoming a warrior; one day he realized that he would have preferred to take amazing adventures across the world, rather than looking at it sitting on a throne. 

So she decided to give up the future crown, and to be a part of the militia; she became the captain when he managed to blind the giant Mujhunn with a single arrow, straight into his one eye. (My giants are cyclops

She was loved by all her kingdom, but ripudiated by the king and the queen, their parents (because she is a woman, and  unfortunately, wanted or not, women -in every age of the world- were, are and will be destined to be queens, slaves or whores. Certainly not subjects of songs and adventures).

Her arrows, thanks to the control of the air, become electric when they are launched, and the “air elves” also have the custom of dye their hair with the colors of the rainbow, this is why she’s called “Blue Thunderbolt”.

She was forced to choose between the love for her family and the one for her vocation; traveling along the more painful way to her heart, she choosed the latter. This is why I love and respect her.

She’s also against the rules and the stereotypes, so her people re-baptized her with the name “Rebijel” (something that is very proud). This doesn’t mean she’s an acid ‘feminist’, she’s just against the injustices and in favor to equal opportunities. ^^

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