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Bob and Betty Newbie. May their marriage continue to fail into Sims 4.

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Random male sims I made.


She’s really into anime, or will be once I can actually play her. :)

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When I was a kid I made a family that stuck with me forever so I just had to remake them in the Sims 4!

The CAS Demo is absolutely amazing. It’s fast, Responsive and looks beautiful. There’s also plenty of clothing options and each sim really looks unique!

Having played this I’ve got no doubt The Sims 4 will be an amazing game that’ll feel fresh and fun to play.

You can signup for a chance to get early access to the demo at thesims.com!

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» Xavier Weston [TS4 updated]

Alluring: Active, Family-Oriented, Good

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Meet Lumina

Although this wouldn’t be what her hairstyle would look like, it works for now. I hope you like her!


When Michael was shopping for a bot.


I think I’m done, for now. I’m happy with them. 

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